Going to any doctor for any reason can feel a bit strange. At Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center of Wyomissing PA we want you to feel good about every decision you. We strive to be an asset to you, your friends, family, and our Berks County community. When selecting a chiropractor there are multiple factors to consider. Whether you have a chiropractor, are looking for one, have never been to one, or even never want to go to one, here are 5 things to consider:

1. History/Education/Exam: Your spine contains the most important neurological structures in the human body; your spinal cord & nerves. Simply put, it’s pretty important! Before laying on a table and getting your first adjustment, a chiropractor should do a detailed history about your current health condition; Recording past trauma’s, accidents, & injuries, to get a better understanding about you and your unique needs. Secondly, you should have a basic understanding as to what a chiropractor does, and what he/or she will be looking for that visit, and each visit thereafter. A proper exam should be completed to inspect the structure of your spine and nerve system, which typically leads to…..

2. X-ray: There are risks vs cost benefits of any procedure. Yes, x-ray exposes an individual to radiation, but it is minimal and eliminates guess work on the chiropractor’s behalf. Considering the spine is a location for a great number of anomalies in the human body, not taking an x-ray can be a greater risk. Since no two spines are 100% alike, it makes sense for your chiropractor to have a complete picture of your spine before he or she begins working on it. Imagine that you wanted to improve upon your home by adding an addition, before you or your contractor can dig the foundation, it would be wise to call the authorities and find out exactly what pipes and electrical wiring are located below the ground. Just as some individuals make risky assumptions before digging, we believe your chiropractor shouldn’t….you get the point?

3.) Adjustment vs. Modalities: First and foremost, there is a time and place for all healthcare providers and services. With that being said, we believe you deserve the best interventions from every specialists within their specialized field. Though many chiropractors include physical therapy modalities in their office, we believe that if there is a physical therapy need, you should find/work with the best physical therapist in your town. At Keystone Specific Chiropractic we have a network of local healthcare providers we partner with and freely refer to when needed. When referring to chiropractors across state/county lines, we look for chiropractors who are the best at checking and adjusting spines when necessary, period.

4.) Checking vs. Adjusting: Spinal misalignment’s, otherwise known as a subluxations, can cause nerve pressure and are detrimental to the function of the human body. Health is not produced simply by the absence of symptoms but created because of the body’s ability to function optimally. Now, your chiropractor should utilize an objective pre-adjustment check & post adjustment check to determine if your body is functioning optimally or not, to make sure you are headed in direction toward health. If walking through a chiropractor’s door is the only prerequisite to receive an adjustment……you might want to ask a few more questions.

5.) Is what the chiropractor asking you reasonable?: Rome was not built in a day and neither is a healthy body. It typically takes people years to finally make the decision to go to a chiropractor or make any change in their health. Remember, it not only takes time to get out of pain, it takes time & repetition to create lasting change and stability within your spine. If the train you are traveling on is going in the wrong direction, it must first slow down before it turns around. Think twice about healthcare solutions that promise a quick fix without your participation and commitment.

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