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There are some people whose energy is contagious! Dr. Bill is one of those people! I always walk out of there in a better mood than when I walked in. On top of his incredible knowledge and great customer service, his positive energy keeps me coming back

-Allyssa Landis LaScala

Resilience. My body has never been more resilient. Data. Bill uses data instead of feelings to treat his patients. This is different and Bill has a special gift to change lives. You won’t regret your time with Bill. Life changing!

-Jeremie Keith Brecheisen

Being 14 years old and having headaches are not the best thing in the world. Neurologist after Neurologist and multiple medications, these headaches were not getting any better. I started seeing Dr.Moss back in December and since then I have not had as many headache and I was taken of my medication! Dr.Moss has a great personality and he's Dr.Magic! With being the age I am, I know I have felt better and so have many other patients. I would recommend anyone to see Dr.Moss.
-Sara Lynn Smith