Testimonial Tuesday – July 28th

I decided to start care with Dr. Bill, because I was experiencing leg pain for the last 3 years and I was having trouble walking. Before Dr. Bill and upper cervical specific chiropractic care, I had only gone to one doctor for injections in my back. Due to all the pain, I had to cut […]

New Year, New You? The Age Old Question.

  You’ve heard it, you’ve said it…This year is going to be different!  Well here’s the truth, most new year’s resolutions, goals, plans have already become abandoned by the time you are reading this.  The question to ask is Why?  In my opinion it comes down to 2 fundamental reasons.

It’s Not Me, It’s You!

  Who is responsible for the healing? You might think it’s a pill, potion, lotion, or healer. But the best doctor is you. We honor that. In the absence of life, there is no healing, there is no function, there is no coordination. There is a wisdom inside of you that created an amazing body […]

The Art of the Nudge: Unlock Your Hidden Potential

During this past winter I had the privilege of meeting author John Geraci. Shortly after our initial meeting John asked if I would like to read one of the final drafts of the now published book, The Art of the Nudge. I was personally inspired by his writings and immediately became intrigued by the concepts […]