During this past winter I had the privilege of meeting author John Geraci. Shortly after our initial meeting John asked if I would like to read one of the final drafts of the now published book, The Art of the Nudge. I was personally inspired by his writings and immediately became intrigued by the concepts illustrated in the book. The Art of the Nudge is an easy read and is written in a style that stays true to it’s teachings of small nudges make big change, and how we must slow down to speed up. After completing the book, It came to my attention that the people I serve needed to know about the Nudge….so I asked John if we could set up an evening with The Art of the Nudge. 

Last Thursday night Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center hosted a fantastic event where 25 member/ leaders of the Reading, PA community learned a few simple steps that can lead to big change. Christine Miles, co-author of the book, and co-founder of CISquared.net, gave an interactive presentation about how to unlock your hidden potential.

Christine highlighted the importance of “slowing down to speed up” and how “small nudges can inspire action.” Christine gave insight and examples of the importance of understanding your WHY, communicating it effectively through story, and how these disciplines result in improved efficiency in life and business.

Christine showed the attendees how story telling can initiate change and become even more effective once proper story gathering has occurred. Christine reviewed and highlighted personality profiles and how they too can be used to connect employees to their company and to each other.

A huge thank you to all those who helped make this a special event, especially John Geraci and Christine Miles. If you would like to learn more about The Art of the Nudge Check out TheArtoftheNudge.com.

And don’t miss our Next Event on Thursday September 10th at 6:30pm! We will be hosting another free community event with Business Coach, podcaster Mike Sutton! Mike will be providing information about Resistance Free Leadership. We hope to see you then!