“I hit snooze 4 times, skipped my workout, and feel horrible about myself today….and it’s only Monday!”  

I hear ya, this is becoming a pretty popular occurrence in our society.  And…

It is becoming much more common for the public to seek healthcare that is more natural, less costly, more long standing, and ultimately one that makes sense and doesn’t leave them completely drained!

 Gone are the days of giving up all of your power to a doctor and not taking ownership of your condition or situation!  There is just too much information at your fingertips to be an uninformed consumer.

One of the biggest questions I regularly get is, What type of results can I expect in your office?  Well results may vary, but without a double here are the Top 3 things Clients tell me me regardless of condition.  Yes, this is REGARDLESS of condition. Meaning whether you are suffering from migraine headaches, fibromyalgia or are a parent of a child struggling with ADHD, these are the most common findings in our office.

#1 Sleep:

50-70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder.  48% report snoring (I know it’s not you it’s your spouse),  37% report falling a sleep on a daily basis unintentionally, and the number one most common sleep disorder is Insomnia, which is the inability to fall asleep.  

So the real question is, who doesn’t need better sleep?

I mean is there any downsides to waking up refreshed, full or energy, and being ready to tackle the day?  In addition, getting adequate sleep (in general 7-9 hours, slightly more for teenagers and children) results in:

Honestly who can’t use that?  You see even when it comes to most disease, dysfunction, weight gain and other conditions the #1 factor is STRESS, #2 is lack of sleep.

#2 Decreased Anxiety and Depression:  

The fastest growing reason for disability in our country is depression, and some sources already list it as #1.  It is currently estimated that 1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness and based on trends this is going up every year.  In a society that values speed, ease, and convenience we are creating and living in stressful environments like never before.  In addition, many mental health conditions are often accompanied by a variety of co-morbidities. Meaning, having a mental health disorder is a risk factor for developing a chronic condition, and having a chronic condition is a risk factor for developing a mental disorder.   

This is why it is very very common in our office for a a person with chronic pain, headaches, or discomfort to also suffer from anxiety and/or depression.  There is also research that supports increases in inflammation being found in depressed individuals. When the body is given the right conditions to heal and chronic disease and symptoms decrease, it just makes sense that an individual is going to be happier!

#3:  Less Fatigue / Increased Energy:

A growing population is being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or a variety of other chronic conditions that make them overly tired.  This lethargy typically becomes a problem when it keep people from doing the things that they want and love to do! Fatigue and low energy is also a popular precursor to depression and anxiety as well, hmm…sound familiar.  What people forget is that the body has a limited of reserves for energy, and if your body is working on overdrive because of stress ( wherever the stress is coming from) it is very difficult to heal and repair? Why does the individual who works 80 hours a week, sleeps 4 hours a night, drinks coffee and Mountain Dew to stay alive, tend to be run down and on a fast tract to unhealthy?  

It’s because health requires REPAIR!  The other side of doing healthy things such as exercise, eating right, thinking positive thoughts is rest, recuperation, and repair.  Repair, restoration, recuperation are all coordinated and controlled by the nervous system. When people say, “my nerves are strung out,”  it’s actually very true. Good sleep, healthy energy, and having a positive outlook and attitude are good signs that you body is performing appropriately!

If you are experiencing subpar levels in any or all of the above areas it might be time to get your nervous system checked.