I know what you’re thinking, “I’m about to eat a huge meal, maybe a second one, kick back, relax watch 3 football games, plus a parade, and you’re telling me there is a healthy part of Thanksgiving?”

Absolutely, it has to do with GRATITUDE!  Yes giving thanks and having gratitude is good for your health!  There are so many health benefits that accompany gratitude that it would take book not a blog post to cover all of them.

People who practice gratitude on a regular basis experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, show more compassion, and even have stronger immune systems! 

But here is the catch, you can’t just practice it for a day or two, it needs become a regular habit!  Here are a couple of affective ways to practice gratitude.

  1. Keep a journal:   Start and end each day by writing down a couple of things you are grateful for.  And be specific!  Writing I’m grateful for my wife each and everyday is nice but it isn’t as effective.  It loses the power if you write the same thing everyday, instead try writing “Today I’m grateful that my wife packed my lunch.” or “I’m grateful that my wife made the bed this morning.”   Now you’re getting it.  
  2.  Focus on People:  gratitude works even better when we focus on people rather than objects or things.  This will enhance the benefits and experience.  Try writing a letter or thank you note to people you are grateful for and let them know the reasons why.  Not only will this make others feel wonderful and cared for buy you too will feel amazing!  
  3. Catch someone being great!  Let people know that they are doing awesome! Give a complement to a friend, a spouse, your children, or even a stranger.  Words can create or destroy, and in a world that often tells us we aren’t good enough, you can be the change and lift others up!

I hope that on this thanksgiving you remember to give thanks each and every single day!  Make gratitude a habit and I hope you take these suggestions to heart.  Although it’s a small thing, it will make the world a better place!  Happy Thanksgiving!