This time of year is one of my favorites!  In fact it’s hard to argue that it’s probably many people’s favorite.  50 degrees in the morning, 70-80 degrees in the afternoon, not much humidity…what’s not to love?!  This beautiful weather can bring out the best of everyone and it is a perfect time to get some HEALTH from the outdoors!


This blog post is to encourage you to get out in the elements of nature!  There are so many health benefits from getting outside:  Hiking, biking, walking, gardening, running, grabbing lunch with a friend, sitting still at the river’s edge, taking your favorite gym workout outside, having a picnic, taking a nap, get creative and just do it!   These activities are all amazing ways to become more physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy…and being outside makes it even healthier!  IMG_1064

This is a PSA to take control of your health and stop making excuses, no government, pill, potion, lotion, doctor, or country is responsible for your health. You ARE!  That means if you are the problem, you can be the solution!  Get outside breathe fresh air, really breathe it in, take big breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth!  Get sun on your body, yes I said it, not for hours but for minutes, sunlight helps boost your immune system, vitamin D production, which helps with depression / anxiety, and sleep!  Who doesn’t need these things?!  


Take a break, and I don’t just mean a vacation, turn off the TV, the phone, the ipad, all the screens, ALL the news, and watch the rhythm of nature, wait didn’t you notice nature has a rhythm?  You aren’t looking hard enough.  


We all need movement, nourishment, connection, purpose, water, love, and most people find these things in nature!  I know I do.  Listen, you are the cause and the solution to your health, if you need inspiration, direction, or a pat on the back, I am the one. 


You want to change the world?  Change your habits, change your mind, change your routine, change you health!  And above all else, exercise not just your body, or your mind, exercise your WILL.  It takes WILL to change your health and your life.  Will you or won’t you?  Lucky for you, I believe in you!  Let’s get outside and get healthy!