Headaches and Upper Cervical Chiropractic


As an upper cervical chiropractor in Wyomissing, PA, I often see patients who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines.  In fact, I would say that headaches fall in the top 3 most common initial complaints from my clients. In many cases, these headaches are caused by misalignments of the upper cervical spine and can be […]

Vertigo: The world is spinning!

Regain Your Equilibrium: Discover Chiropractic Solutions for Vertigo

Exploring Vertigo: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Have you felt the world spinning uncontrollably around you? Imagine everything twirling as you move or even glance sideways. Known as vertigo, this condition triggers nausea, vomiting, headaches, and loss of balance, increasing the risk of injuries. Understanding Vertigo Vertigo makes you feel like […]