Aromatic Anchoring with Essential Oils

Our brains store and retrieve information in a methodical, predictable way from a familiar place creates an ‘anchor’ or focal point as a reference or starting spot when someone goes to access a stored memory or piece of information. For the most part, we rely on the very first piece of information we learn, creating a bias or pattern in our cognition.

By using aromatherapy, this power of this cognitive tendency, known as the ‘anchoring bias’ or ‘anchoring effect’, can be harnessed to help us function at our best. Aromatic anchoring relies on your sense of smell to connect or awaken you to a particular state of being and, although it may sound like some sort of superpower, it is actually quite simple to do. Come learn how to use it yourself at this Aromatic Anchoring class, taught by Melinda Brecheisen, author of the popular book, ‘Anchor to Your Strengths, combining the science of Who You are With the Power of Essential Oils’.

This event is held at 1287 Penn Ave. note that the class is held at The Center at Keystone (NOT the chiropractic office). To access The Center, turn off Penn Ave. between the Wyomissing Fire Company and Wyomissing Family Restaurant, make a left at the end of the alley and follow the alley until you see the blue awning/ parking area.


Apr 05 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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The Center at Keystone
1287 Penn Ave. Wyomissing, PA 19610

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Dr. Bill Moss
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