Chiropractic care is considered safe for several types of individuals, including infants and children.  At Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center we take care of plenty of infants, children of all ages – even pregnant women are reaping the benefits! Just like any other type of treatment, it is important to know about the procedure and risks associated with chiropractic care during pregnancy. You can get optimum results by reviewing the details.

Talking About Safety

Chiropractic care is generally safe even when given to pregnant patients, provided that the practitioner is a qualified and experienced chiropractor. The professional should be well-trained in the physical changes that happen inside a pregnant woman’s body. Chiropractors trained to deal with pregnant patients need to have a special table that adjusts accordingly to the shape and size of a pregnant woman, at different stages of the process. Techniques can be incorporated to avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. 

It is vital that you get a chiropractor who specializes in the treatment of pregnant women. At Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center we have worked with hundreds of pregnant women over the years helping them with a smooth. The professional should be highly competent in meeting the needs of pregnant women, providing stretches and exercises that are generally safe during pregnancy and support any type of adjustment given to the spine.

Is It Useful?

When a woman enters pregnancy, a lot of physical changes and alterations in the endocrine system occur, which prepare the environment for the growing fetus. The changes can also lead to joint and spine problems as evidenced by pelvic changes, protruding abdomen and more back curve, posture changes, uterus enlargement, and uterus expansion forward. 

When you create a balance and pelvis alignment, you get to have chiropractic care during pregnancy. Pelvic misalignment often lowers the available room for the baby. The baby may have a hard time getting into the right position just in time for delivery. The spine also needs to be aligned, so that the nervous system can properly send messages to different systems and organs, thereby helping the bodywork better.

Understanding the Benefits

Pregnant women can benefit greatly from chiropractic care, which assists in controlling signs and symptoms such as nausea and headaches, keeping a healthy pregnancy, relieving joint, neck and back pain, minimizing the time of delivery and labor, and avoiding the possibility of a cesarean section. 

Because balance is achieved in the pelvis of pregnant women, unnecessary stress is removed or reduced in the uterus and supporting ligaments. The balanced state then makes it easier for babies to turn naturally. The risk of having a breech position is lessened significantly. Babies may be presented in the breech position until the 3rd trimester, which is very normal. It is only during the 37th week that experts start worrying about breech position. 

Treating Symptoms

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can eliminate several problems such as sciatica, low back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and mid-back and rib pain. Pregnancy associated with low back pain is usually linked to several joint problems in the body.

As women’s bodies become heavier throughout pregnancy, more and more stress and physical conditions can develop. These should be treated immediately with chiropractics. Subluxation is described as misalignment of joints, thereby triggering irritation to tissues and nerves in the surrounding areas. Hormones also boost quickly during pregnancy with some causing joints, muscles, and ligaments to relax.

The pelvis – in turn – opens, allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal. Treatment via chiropractics is highly useful in assisting mothers with easier deliveries. 

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