Every May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a significant time dedicated to unmasking the stigma and promoting awareness. But at Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center, our dedication to your mental health doesn’t end with the flip of a calendar page; it’s a constant focus in our holistic approach to chiropractic care.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Mental HealthMy journey to becoming a chiropractor was deeply personal. After suffering from debilitating panic attacks, I found solace not in traditional medical routes but in chiropractic adjustments. This unexpected relief sparked a passion that led me to become Dr. Bill Moss, an upper cervical chiropractor committed to bringing this holistic approach to those suffering from physical and mental discomfort alike.

Chiropractic, The Nervous System, and Mental Health: A Triad of Wellness

The link between chiropractic, the nervous system, and mental health is intricate and profound. The central nervous system, comprising the brain and spinal cord, is the master controller of all bodily functions. When the upper cervical spine (atlas and axis vertebrae) is misaligned, it can interfere with nerve transmission and blood flow to the brain. This disruption may manifest physically, but it can also exacerbate mental health conditions like anxiety and depression (Rosa et al., 2020).

Chiropractic adjustments, particularly in the upper cervical region, aim to correct these misalignments, fostering optimal nervous system function. A well-functioning nervous system supports better physical health, balanced hormonal responses, and thus, improved mental well-being.

Case Studies & Research: A Testament to the Benefits

Several case studies and research underscore the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care in improving mental health. One such case involves a 19-year-old female diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and depressive disorder. After a series of upper cervical adjustments over nine months, her symptoms reduced significantly, leading to an enhanced quality of life (Vorsteveld, 2016).

Moreover, a recent literature review by Carrick et al. (2021) affirms the beneficial effects of chiropractic care on mental health, indicating that upper cervical interventions could enhance mood, lower anxiety, and temper stress responses.


Upper cervical chiropractic care offers a promising avenue to support traditional mental health treatments, not replace them. It serves as a complementary approach, emphasizing the inseparable connection between the physical body and the mind.

At Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center, under my leadership, we strive to shine a light on this connection every day. While May has ended, let’s carry forward the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, remembering that caring for your mental health is a lifelong commitment, not a monthly event.

If our journey resonated with you or if you’re simply curious about how upper cervical chiropractic care could support your mental health journey, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center and let’s explore wellness together.


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