Summer is the time of year to get outside and get moving! There are lots of outdoor activities that aid in our physical and mental well-being! There are 5 activities below that assist in joint mobility, improve cardiovascular health, and even improve overall brain activity! 


  1. Walking: going for walks is great for our joints and mental health. Walking helps to lubricate joints and build muscle strength, especially around ankle, knee and hip joints. Walking can also ease pain caused by arthritic joints. Getting out and going for a walk has many physical benefits and in addition has mental benefits, such as mood improvement, mental clarity and time for meditation. 
  2. Biking: a bike ride is also a great way to lubricate joints and build muscle. In a 2014 study, it was found that a person who cycles multiple times a week is found to have increased blood flow to the brain. This increase in blood flow stimulates neurotransmitter production, growth of brain tissue, and could decrease the possibility of developing diseases of the brain such as dementia. 
  3. Swimming: there are plenty of great places in the area to go for a swim, whether you have a local pool pass, like to stop by Blue Marsh Beach or enjoy laps at the indoor pool, swimming has many health benefits. Swimming is the best low impact activity to sustain joint health. Enjoying time in the water is also beneficial for cardiac and lung health.
  4. Kayaking: while there are quite a few activities that are good for your lower joints it’s important to participate in activities that support upper body joint health. Kayaking is a great way to sustain wrist, elbow, shoulder and shoulder blade joint mobility and lubrication. When kayaking you are also improving your cardiovascular fitness as with any activities that increase heart rate. 
  5. Get Adjusted: there are plenty of outdoor activities that improve joint mobility but it is also important to get your spine and joints checked for stability. In order to achieve maximum joint health, the joints should be in proper alignment. Chiropractic adjustments also stimulate the nervous system which controls our heart rate, lung capacity, immune system, and brain function! The best way to truly enjoy all your activities is by having properly aligned joints and an optimally functioning nervous system. 

We hope you get outside this summer, enjoy the beautiful weather and stay moving! If you are interested in learning how chiropractic care can help you maintain your mobility and stability than book a consultation at Keystone! 


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