Each month at Keystone Specific Chiropractic Centers our doctors do a free class that teaches people how to get the most out of their care,  how upper cervical specific chiropractic care works, and why it is so impactful.  Recently one of my friends encouraged me to take more time to tell stories about my client’s challenges and triumphs.  At my recent class I introduced everyone to the story of Lyndsey.

I tell you about this class for a couple reasons;

At the “Healthcare’s Best Kept Secret” class I met Charlotte, and she told me about her granddaughter, Lyndsey.

Lyndsey had been experiencing epileptic seizures, grand mal, and absence type.  They were getting progressively worse, to the point that she was pretty much experiencing at least one seizure daily. 

After having gone over various information regarding how upper cervical chiropractic care helped people, which prompted Charlotte to approach me about her granddaughter, I really felt that she would be a good candidate to be evaluated.  There was just one major problem…

 At this point in time I was practicing outside of Atlanta, GA and Lyndsey was living in FL (only a short +5 hour drive).  In the meantime, the young girl was unable to attend school, falling behind in academics, and traveling about from doctor to doctor…

After visiting Emory University for a sleep study, Lynsey’s mom, Charlotte, and Lyndsey came to the office for a consultation, evaluation, x-rays and full analysis.  After evaluating the initial testing, I determined that Lyndsey was a good fit for care.  1 month later, Lyndsey moved in with her grandmother for 2 months of intensive care, where she was checked 2 times a week over the next 2 months, this case was not going to be easy and her symptoms were severe. 

 The 61 days prior to her starting care, 54 of them she experienced seizures, or seizure-like episodes. The symptoms were severe enough that her speech was regressing, she was becoming forgetful, even not remembering names of family members. 

As an upper cervical chiropractor, a healthcare provider, no matter how many times we work with these types of cases there’s always an added level of intensity.  It’s cases like these that gives reason why upper cervical chiropractors train and study beyond school, and beyond the end of the day.  It is cases like these that demonstrate the profound use of objective testing to determine when and when not to adjust.  Ultimately, we want our client’s bodies to work better so they can heal and repair.

 For Lyndsey, over the course of the next 2 months she experienced one seizure.  One seizure!

Lyndsey was beginning to get depressed because she was over 5 hours away from her friends, and the life she knew before she was plagued with seizure.  I’m not a miracle worker, but when the body is given the right conditions, IT WORKS!

The truth is, health and healing come from creating the right conditions, not just patching up symptoms.  Those conditions start with a well-functioning nerve system. For Lyndsey and many other they experienced first-hand the power of the nervous system… and how valuable is that?

 Want to learn more about how we help people like Lyndsey? join us for our next Healthcare’s Best Kept Secret Class.