Chiropractic was founded on 33 principles that were established in the early 1900s that have been critically scrutinized and evaluated ever since.  Some are easy for everyone to understand, but many could be studied for a lifetime.  One of the most important principles to understand in your healing journey is principle #6.


#6 The Principle of Time:  There is no process that does not require time!

I’d love to break down the importance and relevance of this principle and how it applies to you and healing.  


Why is time so important?  

Time is often misunderstood when it applies to health.  Tumors don’t form overnight, arthritis didn’t occur over the weekend and your back didn’t simply go out because you picked your child’s toy off the floor.  These incidents occurred because of the accumulation of choices and actions over TIME.  Yes, genes do play a role in health.  Genes can be expressed, or not expressed because of the environment you create, this is known as epigenetics (environment being: thoughts, internal and external stress, water, sunlight, fresh air, etc.).  Creating an optimal environment is essential to your health and the expression of genes.   


Time is vitally important to consider since many people are incredibly reactive when their life and health are in crisis and tend to seek the fastest, easiest solution.


The word FAST when associated with health is not necessarily best.  FAST food tends to be fried, full of sugar, mass-produced, and is often manufactured in a lab.  Farming, cooking at home, buying locally sourced foods, and even slow cooking are much healthier options that preserve nutrients and are better for the environment!


To simply FEEL better FAST is often met with sacrificing stability, longevity, and strength.  To simply feel better as fast as possible, pain is frequently met with medications to block symptoms and can actually lead to greater injury over time since you “feel fine” quicker… and not actually healed.  Athletes of all ages do this all the time!   In fact, our society has trained people to get back to work, back in the game, as fast as possible and we suffer because of it!  


The most important word in principle #6 is the word PROCESS!  I believe we could change the world with the simple understanding that health comes from PROCESSES and not simply events.  Here are some examples:


1 workout does not make you strong.

1 Salad does not make you healthy.

1 meditation does not make you relaxed for a lifetime.

1 good night’s sleep doesn’t result in a lifetime of energy.

1 glass of water will not keep you hydrated forever.

And 1 adjustment will mostly not hold the rest of your life!


Healthy activities require TIME, repetition, and are PROCESSES.  If you are looking for events, you are losing out on big fruits in life.  Have you ever heard “it’s about the journey, not the destination?”  It’s true.  Health is found in the pursuit of health, not in its arrival.  As soon as you have it and you think you are done… it begins to slip away.  


Health is like a garden that needs to be tended to and cared for.  It’s my mission to remind you of the principles that make you great!  The world will tell you it can be done the easy way, the fast way, it won’t hurt, you don’t have to sacrifice, and it will happen overnight! If you have worked hard for something in this world, you already know that fast and furious is rarely sustainable.


Chiropractic is the same way!  Listen, people are always scared about the idea, “Do I have to go the rest of my life?”  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do in this world… that is completely silly! And yet you need to understand there are consequences of ignoring areas of your life that you neglect to care for.  If you understand that your spine and nervous system need to be cared for over the course of your life, you will begin to understand the power of time:)  


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