Close your eyes and think of the word yoga. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Odds are you are imaging a fit woman in yoga pants that look flawless on her body doing what appears to be a one-armed pretzel posture. And wondering, how did she get her leg behind her head? Now take that image and throw it away, this misconception of yoga is a battle we face daily with helping people understand the true benefits of yoga. Hey if that is your dream to accomplish one day, great. We will help you achieve it, but for the rest of us, that dream is and never will be a reality. So we are here to help you build you, yoga pants or not.Untitled design (1)

Now close your eyes and imagine peace and quiet. A time to shut your mind down from all the nonsense, the stress, and the never-ending to-do lists. A time just for you to not be judged by anyone, to be fully relaxed, and fully aware of the only thing that matters in that moment… you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Restorative Yoga. Despite what mass media has portrayed a yogi to look like, yogis come in all shapes, sizes, ages and genders. They flock to their mat to enjoy time to connect with who they are and reap the benefits of taking that time. Restorative Yoga is perfect for everyone in so many ways. It is not a physically demanding practice but one that stretches the body in all the right ways. Relieving tension in chronically tight areas such as the lower back, hips and shoulders.

The demographic for this practice is even more fascinating. Students vary in age from 12 years old to 90, so all those out there thinking, “I’m too old for yoga” can put those thoughts to rest. Restorative Yoga is an excellent way to maintain your mobility as you age and compliments other physical activity such as walking, hiking or running very well. Regardless of age it is always an excellent time to try something new.

We hope to see you at our Private Restorative Yoga class for Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center Clients and help you build yourself in a new way! Call 610-741-6700 or email to join us at BLDG7 Yoga on Monday April 11th from 7:15pm-8:15pm for an introductory restorative class taught by Linda Zogas (all levels welcome). Click here to see more information about BlDG7 Yoga.