Listen, If you have been living in the US in the last decade then you have more than likely walked for a CURE.  Whether it was walking for a cure for Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, etc, you probably have participated in one of these events.  They are all very mainstream, raise a lot of money, and bring people together.  There is nothing wrong with doing this.  In fact, it’s absolutely important to support the people we love, and people in our community!  Now, I wanted to let you in on a little secret about why and what we walk for wellness.  

We will be participating in the Greater Reading Mental Health Alliances Walk for Mental Wellness.  This is the 2nd year we are participating in the event, and the 3rd annual Walk for Mental Wellness.  The reason we are supporting this event is because mental illness is often mis-understood, and is rapidly becoming more and more prevalent in the US and around the world.  Millions of Americans suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, addiction…I’m sure a few people come to mind.  One of the problems that exists is too many people do not understand the struggle.  I myself suffered with debilitating panic attacks and anxiety that were originally treated medically with little help or resolve. I continued to search for answers as many people do.  My struggles were ultimately resolved through natural means.  I heard it all, “just get over it” “just take the meds you’ll be fine.”  “I don’t get it, what do you have to be anxious about?” I totally understand how people just don’t get it.  If you’ve never struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, mental health issues, it’s very easy to see why you would struggle to understand Mental Illness….but it IS real!

The Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance  envisions  “a Berks County community in which all people are accorded dignity, respect, and equal access to mental health services. Families are connected with services to help children and adults achieve their full potential, free from the oppression of stigma and prejudice. People with mental health concerns recover, live safely, have their cultural needs respected, and become healthy and productive citizens that help build our community.”  

Just like the Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance we believe productive people build the community!  This is the major reason we are partnering with them and walking for a CAUSE!  We support people, and we know that understanding and awareness bring about change!  Often times mental illness can be combated through natural means such as meditation, diet, counseling, and supportive personnel and people.  I personally have seen many transformations experienced by people when their bodies final work the way it was designed to!  In fact, many people who suffer from chronic stress and related struggles, often have a problem with their nervous system.  That’s what I do, we do specific testing of the Nervous System, and often times imbalances in the nervous system create chronic health problems that further create stress, fear, and anxiety.  Ever hear of the nervous system?  Ever have testing done of your nervous system?  To learn more about how we help people become more productive, contact us to get a free paper on how health issues could be killing your productivity.

If you would like to join the Walk for Mental Wellness annually, check out for more information!