So I do a lot of networking, I mean A LOT of networking in the community of Reading, and also in the chiropractic profession, and the one thing I am hearing from people in the community right about now is…

“Every year, around this time of year, this seems to happen to me!”

Whether its allergies, increase in pain, dry skin, or getting what everyone else is getting, I hear it daily. Oh heck, even my clients already under care who have been doing amazing often have an increase in symptoms during this time of year… So the question is why?

Let me invite you in on a little secret…

There is a reason you might be saying this or experiencing

this phenomenon. Here’s a hint, something big is happening, and it’s happening to everyone!

“Doc, Is the world is about to end?”

No, not at all, but right now you are going through a massive seasonal change in the northeast!

Now, I don’t think you’re blind and obviously, if you are reading this you aren’t, so I’m sure you noticed leaves are falling, in fact, many are gone, it isn’t getting any lighter at 5 pm, and yes you do have to wear a coat.

But here is the thing you may not have considered…

Your body must also go through a massive change. It too is accustomed to the warm weather, sunshine, plants being alive, sweating more often, and being thirsty.

And guess what? Your body must adapt to this change and adapt in a big way!

Yes, your body, just like the beautiful trees in transition must change. You might gain some weight, be exposed to germs…but why is your coworker missing work again because “this always happens?” (obviously not you!)

And I haven’t missed a day in 10 years, and work with hundreds of people every week??…..(knocking on wood while I write this). It’s because people whose bodies can efficiently and effectively ADAPT through the demands of the season are the winners.

That’s right, you might be winning!

The part of your body that helps you make the transition day in and day out, from the moment you wake up, heck the moment you were born, is your nerve system. Ya know? Brain, Spinal Cord and nerves, that control the endocrine, immune system and regulate every function of you?

That’s what helps you adapt!

If it ain’t working right, you might not be changing as fast as the leaves.

“Hey doc, how about the good news?”

….well if you are currently under my care, it’s scientifically proven that you have a stronger immune system, better recovery time, respiratory function, and are less susceptible to colds and the flu and are #KillingIT.

So listen, don’t know how the heck your nerve systems working?

Well, you know what to do… let’s get you checked, so you aren’t on the on sidelines, and you can be Clark Griswald this holiday season:-).