Or anybody for that matter…

It’s hard to believe any person would ever take away the hope an individual getting well, especially a doctor…

It’s a baffling concept that any doctor would ever be upset if their client got well under the care of another doctor, or under their own individual power…but unfortunately it happens.

 Let me explain. 

If you happen to heal yourself, congratulations!  No Seriously, if you take matters in your own hands, change your behaviors and get well, fantastic, you are amazing!   

Listen, over 60% of Americans are obese.  Obesity leads to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke (known as the big 4)…and a whole slew of other awful things you really don’t want.  Oh and don’t worry, the rest of the world is quickly catching up too! 

The good news is there are people out there that will eventually get to a point and say…”Enough!

“I’m going to take matters in to my own hands and lose the weight, get in shape, eat well, and BE WELL.” 

Congrats!!  You, me, and every other doctor that works with you should be proud!  Really, Really Proud! 

 But here is the reality, and It happens all the time…

Some doctors or even your friends and family will get angry or insensitive with you when you get well in ways other than “traditional means” or ones they are comfortable with… Crazy right?

I know individuals who have healed their abnormal heart rhythms by starting steady routine of meditation. It took the doctor 3 years of monitoring this person until they were convinced that they healed them self and acknowledged the meditation as a healing vehicle with no other interventions.  I’ve seen my client’s allergies “magically” go away, only to hear that their Allergy doctor is upset that they were helped by a chiropractor, and didn’t need medication or assistance anymore.  Really?

I personally wouldn’t be here writing to you had I went against my gut feeling and allowed another doctor to take away hope.  If you know my story (if not, check this out), then you know that I became a chiropractor because of debilitating panic attacks and anxiety that created physical and mental distress in me.  It got so bad that I believed I was going to die every day for about 30 days. 

 At age 22, I had racing heart rate, high blood pressure, with associated dizziness.  I was hospitalized, I saw neurologists, cardiologists, ear/nose/ throat doctors, had tons of tests, and every one of them came back fine. 

During this time, the only thing that kept me from taking my emergency medication to calm my body was chiropractic.  It was the ONLY thing that showed me any results.  If you know anything about Doctors, then you know we’re trained to ask questions: like, “what makes it worse? What makes it better?”, etc. 

One doctor asked me the question, “what makes this situation better?”  I replied, “up til now the only thing that seems to help is chiropractic.”   Instead of curiosity, he repeated, and I will never forget, “chances are, your chiropractor has absolutely no idea what is going on with you, and I recommend you stop seeing him.” 

 To this day, I think about those words often and they stay with me for multiple reasons:


  1. What if I would have listen? I would definitely not be a chiropractor.
  2. I have no idea where my health may have ended up had I followed that advice.
  3. How often does this same thing happen to individuals and they believe there are no other options?


The sad reality is that it probably happens more often than I’d like to know.  The fact is your body is intelligent, and there is no one cause one cure for all ills.  People get well for various factors and reasons.  There are many things you can do to impact your health and remember, you have many options.  If you are a doctor then you know that, you are viewed as an authority on what YOU do and how YOU do it.  Your attitude about your client’s prognoses matters in their outcome, and there’s research to show that. 

If you are patient of any doctor remember, it’s your health, it’s your choice!  So, partner with people and practices that feel right to you:) and empower you to step up and be more!

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