The best way to be HAPPY is to be YOU!…and that makes you TERRIFIC.

This past weekend Jordan (my assistant), my wife Lauren, and I attended a conference in Atlanta GA known as Dynamic Essentials.  Dynamic Essentials was established over 50 years ago by Dr. Sid E. Williams.  Life Chiropractic College was eventually established and built out of the Dynamic Essential meeting.  At these meetings Dr. Sid Williams, known as the defender of Chiropractic, taught chiropractors the principles of giving, loving, serving, and doing out of their own abundance without expectation of return (coined lasting purpose) and how to be inner guided and directed by your voice within.

Throughout the weekend many known chiropractic college presidents, popular chiropractic speakers from all over the country, chiropractic assistants, and chiropractic students gathered to share in fellowship, development, and growth.  This time was different for me, and I wanted to share with you why.

I wasn’t just a spectator, two months ago I was asked to give 2 presentations.  The first one, early Friday morning, I spoke with doctors young and old, and students about launching into practice successfully from day one.  This was more of  “a nuts and bolts” presentation that detailed the steps and tasks that I completed to get my office open, and the principles I operated from.

Sunday I was given the opportunity to talk about anything, no really anything I wanted to.  My talk had 2 major themes that I would like to share with you because I knew you could benefit.  I understand, you might not be a chiropractor, or really related to chiropractic, that’s cool, but if you too are constantly trying to improve in life then I know you will  benefit from the following 2 themes.

1.)    You are a product of your Life:  This sounds cliche, but here’s the point,  You are a blend of YOUR experiences, no one else’s.  We live in a society that teaches us that we aren’t as beautiful, rich, disciplined, happy, loved, or good enough as others….and often times we try to strive to be people we are not (probably most of the time!).  My message was simple…..No one has had your experiences and expertise on your own life and your experiences ARE important, so be the best version of you!  Get more in touch with what makes you better!  Who makes you better! What makes you the best person you can be and how are you are already like the person you “want” to become?  Most people focus on the gap….the gap is, “I want to lose 50 LBS, I’ve only lost 5!”  …..YOU LOST 5!  Congrats!  Many people spend a long periods of time focused on the 45 LBS gap instead of recognizing that they already possess habits that helped them lose 5 Lbs and will help them lose the next  45 LBS!

2.)   Success Precedes Happiness:  This is completely false.  I spoke about one of my favorite books, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  Shawn talks about how most people spend their time, working hard to achieve success, then finding out that happiness lies on the other side of success.  The truth is that success and hard work occur because you are happy!  Get happy!  Shawn advocates for meditation, daily gratitude journaling and focusing on all of the abundance you already have in your LIFE!

I may not have said everything that I wanted to say this past weekend, but 80% was just as planned…. so that’s what I’ll focus on, the 80%!…..and next time someone asks, “why are you doing that?”…..just tell them, “cause it makes me happy!”  

Make this year your happiest year yet!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Bill Moss