For many years I have been interested in fitness, exercise, flexibility, and spinal hygiene.  I have tried many different static and dynamic stretching routines, yoga, pilates, and none compare this this spinal hygiene series.  

This spinal hygiene series is developed by my close friend and colleague Dr. Tommy John who authored the book Minimize Injury and Maximize Performance: A Sports Parent’s Survival Guide.  Dr. Tommy John is a chiropractor who specializes in performance healing, and injury prevention for athletes. 

This 25 minute Routine includes 5 different moves, each move is to be completed for 5 minutes in length.  

I personally have been doing utilizing this routine and style of training since 2014, and have found great benefit.  This program prepares you to have your greatest flexibility and strength through your greatest range of motion!   This program is ideal for anyone who is training for LIFE!  If you are looking to keep up with your grand kids, hike on beautiful days, avoid having your back go out while simply tying your shoe, then this is an ideal program for you! 

I have found that if you do this 25 minute spinal hygiene program everyday for 30 days, then decided to not come back to it for 3-6 months, you will still maintain significant and measurable gains in your flexibility and strength!  Give it a try and let me know how it goes! 


Video One:  This is the full tutorial of moves  & completion of all 5 moves, for 5 minutes each.

If you have never done this routine before, start with this one!

FINISHED Spinal Hygiene Tutorial

Video Two:  Once you are proficient in the spinal hygiene routine, you can simply do this video.  It only takes you 25 minutes!

If you are feeling comfortable with the routine continue doing 


FINISHED_Spinal Hygiene 25 Minute Routine