You’ve heard it, you’ve said it…This year is going to be different!  Well here’s the truth, most new year’s resolutions, goals, plans have already become abandoned by the time you are reading this.  The question to ask is Why?  In my opinion it comes down to 2 fundamental reasons. 1, You don’t have a big enough why! In the age of WHY, you don’t have one.  Listen, if you wanted to get fit because you want to look like a picture in a magazine ….it might not be a big enough WHY for you (it might be?).  If you’re 20 years old, single, hey that might be enough….but if your older/wiser, have a family you might need a different approach.    Consider this, why do you really want to be healthier this year?  No really, WHY?  As a country we aren’t doing the things it takes to be healthy on a regular basis, fair enough?  If you’ve been to our Big Idea Class you know that according to the World Health Organization, as a country we are 79/81 of industrial nations in total health index.  A good WHY might not be to simply avoid cancer, heart disease or being obese, this too is is still a limited WHY.  The football teams that are playing in the playoffs this weekend did not get there by simply trying to avoid mistakes.  They are going for the win, with their ultimate WHY being a Super Bowl victory.  No coach is simply going to give a pregame speech that sounds like the following.  

“This weekend gentleman we are going make no mistakes, don’t fumble, don’t get intercepted, don’t miss a tackle, don’t get a penalty, and we are going to focus on not losing.”  Important, but probably better ways to get a team motivated.  Maybe this year consider getting healthy for a different reason. Maybe this year do it for the people that mean the most to you?  Do it for your family if you can’t do it for yourself.  If you want to be active, and live life at your highest potential, do it this year!  If you can’t do it for yourself, or the ones that love you…..heck, do it for me. You don’t know the next step!

2. Overwhelm occurs when you don’t know what to do next.  If this is the case the next best thing to do IS NOT nothing.  It’s something! Most people want to be fit now, healthy now, energized now, prettier now, less depressed now, and we know that a quickly built foundation IS NOT the strongest one.  In the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg , health is highlighted as a core habit that produces more healthy habits, meaning this…..Once you begin to make one change in your health it naturally leads you to other healthy behaviors.  Not all change works this way but health typically does.  Example: “Wow, walking 4 times a week for 30min feels great, it’s pretty easy, what can I do next?  Hey I saw an article highlighting that  avocados are really good for you, and increasing healthy fats with coconut oil is a good idea.  “Hey Jim, you said something about how you meditate, tell me more about that.  Suzie I hear you get checked by an upper cervical chiropractor, what’s that all about?” See how this works.  Health leads to more health.  

This year start small. You don’t have to do it all but you should do something.  If you can’t do it for the most important person in your life…YOU!  Do it for someone, do it for your future, do it for your family or if you need some accountability do it for me. If you Liked this article share,

If you didn’t that’s OK too.  Why not make this year your happiest, healthiest Year? Cheers to you!