Who is responsible for the healing? You might think it’s a pill, potion, lotion, or healer. But the best doctor is you. We honor that. In the absence of life, there is no healing, there is no function, there is no coordination. There is a wisdom inside of you that created an amazing body that… transmits nerve signals at 100 meters per second…

has more bacteria in a human mouth than there are people in the world…

replaces its stomach lining every 5 days…

has blood that circulates about 12,000 miles…

Healing is more about your internal response, then your external environment.

That response is controlled and coordinated through your nerve system.

And I am here for you.

I’m here to measure, to check

…And make sure you



and repair, as nature intended.

Being well is more about regaining what you’ve lost, restoring your natural birthright.  

Health will never be an event, it’s a process.

A direction more than a destination.

And today…you are in process.

Which direction are you going?