Get off your bum, your life depends on it!

I wish I could sugarcoat this, but I just can’t. As a society, we need to get moving and stop sitting so much, period.  Over the last year, our society has been flipped upside down and kicked in the face.  Stress, sitting, anxiety, mental health issues, and obesity are all on the rise and now is no time to laugh it off and do nothing.  Many have been forced home to sit in front of screens all day and breath recycled air.  If you believe any of this makes you healthy, then society should be in the healthiest state we’ve ever been!  

Sitting and not moving is a chronic epidemic.  Let’s take a look at the facts.



A 2011 study documented 800,000 people and their sitting habits.  The study compared people who sit the most, to people who sit the least.  Guess what they found?


The sitters had a…


Why is sitting so bad?

Blood flow slows down, allowing for fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels, leading to heart disease.  Sitting for extended periods of time may lead to insulin resistance which can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity putting people at an increased risk for blood clots as well.  Oh, and it slows your body’s ability to process fats, so fat gets stored!


So what’s the solution?

I work with so many people in chronic pain, and one of the healthiest things everyone can do at any age is get moving!  Movement can be different for everyone!  Here are some ideas:


Keep it simple, it’s not rocket science but you have to make a conscious commitment to move, no one is going to move for you!   It’s good for your heart, lungs, and mental health!  Bring a friend and make it a social experience, which is also healthy!  Let’s get out there and make no excuses, your health depends on it!

Ok, I was sitting too long writing this blog, gotta go!


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