You’ve probably said it before, “I don’t have time for a vacation!”  I get it and I’ve heard it all.

“I’m too busy.”

“vacations are too expensive.”

 “I’m going to get too behind.”

 “I finally got ahead, and now I’m going away!”

If this sounds anything like you, then it’s probably about time to get away!  If you are anything like me, than you will thank yourself when you finally do….so don’t be late, let’s get going!

In today’s society it usually takes a forced period of downtime before we notice how bad we really needed a little R & R.  Well, I want you to know there are multiple health benefits from going on vacation .  Let’s explore.

First, there are actually 4 scientifically backed reasons to take a vacation:  1. Stress reduction 2. Reduced risk for heart disease, 3. Improved productivity, and 4. Better sleep.  Beyond these, I personally wanted to add some insight as to why I feel vacations are great for your health and well-being.

  1. Perspective:  Whether you are traveling to a 3rd world country to do mission work, climbing a mountain, laying on the beach, or taking an extended road trip, travel gives you a drastically different perspective from your day to day life.  Being magically whisked away to a new land allows you to recognize what you really appreciate about your home and your day to day life.  It also gives you insight on what activities, people, process, and routines don’t serve you and what to get rid of!  In essence, Keep what’s important, and know who’s your friend. 
  2. Growth:  One of my favorite things to do is learn.  I love reading books, gaining insight on new approaches, new ideas, and going deeper in my understanding of the world.  In the busyness of day to day life, I don’t have as much time to read as I would like.  While on vacation I love kicking back, relaxing, reading, and learning.  Some might view the articles, books, and audios I choose to consume sound more like work, but I love getting inspired on vacation.  Reading and learning help me achieve new ideas and approaches that can impact my life and those surrounding me.  So next time you’re on vacation take some books, audio books, or reading material that you have been putting off, it’s a great way to catch up, feel more creative, and become INSPIRED!
  3. Exercise: This one may sound crazy to you, and yes of course there are tons of health benefits from exercise, but my favorite time to begin a new exercise routine is on vacation.  There are multiple reasons for this; first, it’s actually very easy to find the time, what else must you do?  Between the sleeping, eating, indulging, and destinations there is always some downtime or there better be, it’s vacation!  On vacation, it never feels as though I must get up at 4:30am to get exercise in or miss out all together.  Secondly, I always have more energy to explore for the day.  Exercise gives me energy and I typically end up seeing more and doing more than I would otherwise.  Third, it diminishes post vacation “guilt.”  You know, the too much syndrome.  I ate “too much” I drank “too much” I gained “too much” you get it?  By working out on vacation, it creates a new routine that is easier to take back to my life upon return from the trip.  Try it! Even if it’s only getting out and walking in the mornings. 
  4. The Elements: This one might be a bit out there for you, but stay with me.  There is just something that happens to us when we are in a serene place centered in nature.  Whether it’s the ocean, sand, mountain air, sun, or nature in general we typically become more grounded, centered, focused, and at ease when we are surrounded by the elements (earth, water, air, fire aka sun).  Innately our favorite destinations to recharge and reboot are ones in the mountains, at the islands, lakes, and nature in general.  Few people head to the concrete jungle to relax!  Think about the great conversation and ideas that occurs in these magical destinations?  Whether it’s with family, friends, loved ones or locals, these magical places create memorable moods, that create memorable conversations.  Slow down to speed up!

 At this point one thing should be clear, you health depends on you taking a break!  Don’t wait to schedule your next adventure.  It doesn’t have to be exotic or long.  Go to the mountains, lakes, state parks, beach or simply sit in the woods.  If you haven’t scheduled a long weekend in a while, now is the time!  This month it’s also a great opportunity for us to help cut costs! 

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